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Undoubtedly, the Philippines is a tropical gem. Stating the obvious: warm sun, cool and clear blue waters of its famed beaches, gentle and caressing breeze, strategic archipelagic milieu, unimaginably untold wonders and frolics, colorfully diverse and rich culture, multilingual talented and, peace-loving people, fresh and delectable food, and more; all these are  trite for the Philippines to claim. Truly, these all distinguish our country in a carefree nature-loving setting:  Pacific Ocean, China Sea - PARADISE!

Being off the Asia landlocked crescent, the country’s bountiful blessing is worth seeing, experiencing and believing.  All major routes also converge here - only a hop away from any or other key points in Asia.

Hence, in today’s world of potent economics, it is truthful to present the country as technologically advanced.  Its cities and key towns with the blueprint of transformation, its vast uncovered spaces - truly a fusion of the best the East and the West could provide.

All these obvious facts have to be restated. It’s a reality worth being told . . . and retold!

And, as the Philippines revs up its competitiveness among its Asian neighbors and projects itself to future investment partners, Paraiso Magazine presents the Philippines as an oriental paradise beckoning anyone to come and to share its fortune.

These facts are captured and promoted in Paraiso (Business, Travel and Lifestyle) Magazine. From way back it has launched its 1st print, till its 20 years milestone this coming November 2011, Paraiso Magazine has incessantly exhibited in print the country’s beauty, bounty and golden opportunities.

Join us in this crusade!

Consider Paraiso Magazine. It is about your country and it’s about you. It is your journal!